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  • I cannot express enough how beautifully put together the Days of Our Lives event in Toronto was. Greg, his wife Jen and the whole team were professional, reliable and most importantly extremely kind and caring to all us fans! They have this warm and fuzzy aura that allowed me to enjoy the event even more. It truly felt like we had known each other for a long time, and that is very important when attending these events. From the food, to the DJ, timing and location, all was perfect and organized in my opinion, everything went smooth and I had the time of my life! This was my first fan event and I left with a huge smile and excitement for the next events. I STRONGLY recommend all you fans out there to buy a ticket, every penny was worth the time with the stars and I guarantee you will be craving more from Greg and his team!! Many heart filled thanks to you Greg and Jen… CHEERS! And here’s to many more events to come!!!!
    Karen V., Toronto, Ontario

    — Karen V., Toronto, Ontario —
  • Stars Canada Events is a class act.   Greg attended to every detail.   I loved that they had wonderful food including gluten-free at breakfast, lunch and at the cocktail party.  What a wonderful spread they had for the cocktail party.   It was a welcome sight for those of us that did not have time for dinner.  The food was refreshed and stayed out the whole event.

    Greg even helped with my hotel reservation.   I was unable to call Canada and he had a representative contact me and make my reservation through email.

    Greg made sure everyone including the actors had a wonderful day to remember.

    I can’t wait for their next event!
    Ann M., Santa Barbara, CA

    — Ann M., Santa Barbara, CA —
  • Imagine a room filled with cheerful friends (or soon to be friends) almost sharing the same heartbeat…Imagine the endless laughter, the twinkling eyes, the wonderful feeling of being exactly where you should be at that precise moment…Imagine that prior to that meeting and all through the day, you’ve been welcomed and cared for by a team of generous and thoughtful people who look out for you as if you’ve been long-time friends…Imagine the actors you’ve come to love and appreciate over the years join this great party, sit for pictures and have conversations with you all while enjoying delicious food and a nice glass of wine…Imagine that these actors are not only great-looking, smart and energetic but they’re as passionate about their work as they’re down-to-earth about life…Imagine stars and their fans hitting the dance floor together and having a blast…!

    Can you imagine living such a dream day and then going to bed (or at least trying to!) with an everlasting smile on your face?

    That’s exactly how this Toronto event has been for me and most probably for everyone who had chosen to be there that week-end. There are moments in life you know you will never forget. This was undoubtedly one of those moments for me.

    Thank you to the remarkable team that planned this wonderful happening. And special THANK YOU to Greg, James, Eric, Galen and Shawn who in their own unique way made this moment even more extraordinary!

    Ann M., Santa Barbara, CA

    — Julie T., Boucherville, Quebec —
  • If you are looking at this page trying to decide if you should attend one of these events, the answer is 110% YES!! I can’t even begin to say enough positive things about the experience that this company gives you at this event. The stars are so pleasant, each event is organized and run on time according to the schedule. The food – oh the food!! You will be delighted at all of the food options that you are offered at each event! The staff is the best!!!! They care so much about what you think and always ask for your feedback on how they can improve things for future events. They listen to you to tell them how they can make this the best experience ever! You will spend quality time with all of the stars who attend. I assure you that if you attend this event, you will remember it for the rest of your life and every time you think of it, you will have a smile on your face. I am counting down the days until I can attend my next one!
    Catherine S., London, Ontario

    — Catherine S., London, Ontario —
  • I’ve been going to events like this for nearly 20 years.  This was one of the most relaxing, pleasurable and stress free events I’ve ever attended.  And to think it was their first event? Amazing!  I will definitely be back!

    — Tina M., Candler, NC —
  • What can I say…the weekend was a complete success!!! I have never been so excited/nervous in my life. Greg and his wife pulled off an outstanding event and gave me memories that will last a lifetime. I have been watching Days of our lives since I was a little girl, I have seen the characters change over the years and my interest for the show has never changed. Although I was so happy to meet all those wonderful actors (who by the way were trying to make me as comfortable as possible seeing as I was shaking like a leaf), the highlight of my weekend was being able to meet and actually hang out with Shawn Christian. He has to be one of the sweetest people I’ve met. He actually took the time to get to know about me. Talking, dancing, laughing… I could have not have asked for a better weekend. You can count on this Days fan to be present at your next event.
    Thanks Greg, you made one of my dreams come true!

    — Diane B., Bois-des-Filion, Quebec —
  • Dear Greg, Jennifer & everyone at Stars Canada Events,

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible Days of Our Lives event that you organized this past May 31. I bought the tickets as a birthday gift to myself & my sister and truly had no idea what kind of opportunity I would be having. Right from the moment that my sister and I arrived, I knew we were in for one exciting day. The intimate & friendly atmosphere was incredible, the way the organizers greeted us at the door was refreshing & the wide spread of food & drink was a very welcome surprise. Once the actors came out then the experience truly began. I never thought in a million years that I would be having lunch with my sister, EJ Dimera & Brady Black on a regular Saturday afternoon, but it happened and it’s definitely an experience I will NEVER forget. Before my sister and I even left for the evening, we were already positive that we would be attending the next event organized by this team. The professionalism, attention to detail, quality of venue & food, & the overall atmosphere was so unbelievable that I can’t even imagine how they can top this one… but I’m definitely excited to find out!!

    Thanks so much to you all for giving me & my sister a truly unforgettable & magical experience!!

    — Malvina P., Thornhill, Ontario —
  • My name is Amy and I had the pleasure of attending the 1st event that Stars Canada Events put on and I must say out of all the DOOL events I’ve been to (I’ve been to quite a few) this event was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! The event was very well organized and there was no pressure of rushing the actors.  I had the VIP package and I think I got my money’s worth!  I got to know the actors a little bit better and that is fabulous! The best part was the Q & A because it was so funny!  Our hosts Greg and Jen did a fabulous job organizing this event and they made the whole day really laid back. Both Greg and Jen came over to me personally and we chatted even though they were so busy and they didn’t break a sweat!

    All in all it was a great time and I will go again! Five stars guys!

    — Amy P., Burlingame, CA. —




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